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Buyer Policy

We are committed to packing in the best possible way to ensure you will receive your plant in excellent condition. However, please acknowledge that it is common for some species to lose leaves, however they are not dead. Please study the requirements to revive the specific plant after it has been traveling.

Important please read! Buyer Policy:

1. We do not accept canceling of orders after one day (1x24 hours) of receiving the order.

2. We do not provide returns or refunds in any case, only reship of the same value if the plant was fully dead through the shipping process.

3. In cases where the plants arrive dead, i.e. no more green and completely rotten, please contact us within 24 hours with picture/video evidence of when you received the plants.


1. Plants are carefully sanitized then covered with moist moss and rolled up in paper to provide protection for the leaves from damage and then places in a cardboard box (For cold weather, we will use PE insulation and Styrofoam boxes as packaging). Delivery may take up to 5 to 8 days.

2. Tracking numbers will be provided.

3. Customers shall understand that shipping duration depends on the customs clearance process and agriculture inspection processing in your State. Please note that we cannot control the shipping and processing time once the package ships. In terms of delays, customers shall contact UPS contact center/local call center.

4. We are not liable for any damaged, lost or stolen packages.

By ordering the plant from Rejujoy, the customer agrees to our terms and conditions.

Thank you for your understanding 😊

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