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Teardrop Peperomia Care Tips

Pattra Jantarasiri | 11 July, 2021

             Teardrop Peperomia plant care tips

For people looking for a small burst of beauty to liven things up, the compact but air-purifying ornamental Teardrop Peperomia is a must-have plant for your home.

Got a small indoor space you would love to add some sparkle to? Let’s introduce you to the Tear Drop Peperomia houseplant. These fleshy and attractive ornamental plants with their contrasting pale blue-green leaves are a beautiful fit for your balcony, tabletops, kitchen counters, or small space apartments.

Also called the Peperomia Orba or Baby Rubber plant, the Teardrop Peperomia is a tropical perennial native to the tropical regions of Central America and some parts of Africa. Belonging to the Piperaceae family, these beauties are epiphytes – meaning they can absorb moisture and food from the air or water through their roots and this makes them a relatively low-maintenance houseplant for your space.

Endowed with small, bushy, and oval-shaped succulent emerald green foliage and thick stems, the Teardrop Peperomia adds a tropical delight to every space and plant collection. They are also known to produce flowers that look like greenish or white spikes on the end of their stems, but in all fairness, these flowers are not as beautiful as the plants and since they rarely bloom indoors, you shouldn’t worry about that.

Foliage Varieties: Tired of the ol’ green leaves and need something different and eye-catching? The Teardrop Peperomia is a must add to your plant collection. Not only do they come in sparkly green colored leaves, but they also come in different variegated colors like gray, pale green, or red foliage to add a burst of color to your environment.

Ideal For Small Spaces: Another reason the Teardrop Peperomia is so popular because it is a small and compact houseplant that can fit in small spaces. As slow-growers and small plants, you Teardrop Peperomia will only grow 2 feet tall and 12 inches wide. So you can get one without worrying if they can fit your tiny space or turn your home into a jungle.

Air- Cleaning:This lovely plant just got our hearts with this extra benefit of improving our air quality. Yeah, Teardrop Peperomia is natural air purifiers that make for a healthier you!

Low-Maintenance:Think you don’t need a plant because of the care routine? Well, think again. These plants are undemanding and so stress-free, you should get one for your home.

Styling Versatility:Need a small trailing plant for your hanging basket or a small potted plant for your desktop? Then you should get the Teardrop Peperomia. They are known to add a magical touch to your décor either as a hanging or potted houseplant.

Pet-Friendly:Air-purifying, attractive, low-maintenance, and now, pet-friendly. This plant just gives us more reasons to love and get them for our homes.

Want to know how to keep them alive? Read our care instructions


While the Teardrop Peperomia will do well in low lighting conditions, it is better to put them under medium to bright indirect sunlight. They also do well in fluorescent light. Keep them far from indirect and direct sunlight as it can burn their leaves.


Your Peperomia can store water in their leaves so a sip every 1-2weeks is enough to keep them alive. Allow their soil to feel dry first before watering them again.

Humidity and Temperature

Your Teardrop Peperomia can handle temperatures between 65°F - 85°F. Anything below 60°F can freeze them to death. As with any tropical plant, your plant requires high humidity levels, so 40% - 50% humidity is just perfect for them. You can also mist or place them in your bathroom where humidity levels are high.


Your Teardrop Peperomia does not require fertilizers, but a little feeding every now and then can be beneficial for healthy growth. Our advice – use a liquid all-purpose fertilizer to feed during summer and stop during the winter months.


They are okay and harmless to both pets and children.