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6 Top Benefits of Houseplants

Pattra Jantarasiri | 11 July, 2021

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6 Top Benefits of Houseplants

Plants are beautiful! They are aesthetically pleasing and are known to enhance the overall appearance of our offices, bedrooms, cubicles or kitchen. Just add water, light and lots of love, and you’ve got yourself a flourishing plant. But do you know that more than adding beauty, plants also offer strong health benefits that make for a healthier and happier you?

But if you still need a little convincing as to why you should own a houseplant, here are 6 top health benefits for having one.

  • Improve indoor air quality: Houseplants and humans are a good fit, as they need our carbon dioxide and we need the oxygen they produce. But houseplants do a lot than just taking in our carbon dioxide and giving us fresh oxygen for breathing. According to NASA, Houseplants are also good air cleaners that help reduce dust by 20% and absorb air pollutants found in man-made materials. This makes them as efficient as biofilters or other technologies used in improving the quality of indoor air. To fully maximize the full benefits of houseplants, place them within 6 to 8 square feet of where you sit or sleep.


  • Help You Work Better: Working or studying in the presence of plants can generally have a positive effect on your performance. This is because plants are known to improve focus, creativity, memory retention and boost performance. People who work around plants are more productive and take lesser sick days. No wonder, more companies are including indoor spaces of plants for their employees.


  • Lower stress and anxiety: Houseplants have the superpower to significantly reduce psychological and physiological stress. This superpower makes you calm and comfortable when you are around plants or touch one. The act of caring and seeing them flourish can also help people with anxiety, depression or any other mental condition. So when next you’re watering your houseplant, remember to take deep breaths and if possible talk to them. This will improve your overall mental wellbeing and help you relax properly.


  • Boost Healing:Plants are effective and inexpensive medicine to quicken one’s recovery from an illness or surgery. Studies reveal that patients who have plants in their rooms tend to have lower systolic blood pressure and lower ratings of pain which are important for quick recovery.


  • Increase Humidity and Reduce Respiratory Illness: Dry skin, allergies, headaches and respiratory illnesses like colds, dry coughs and sore throats are caused by dry air. Since plants account for up to 10% humidity in the atmosphere, having them in your house can reduce these illnesses and keep your body moist. This humidty is needed during dry months as they decrease the survival and transmission of the flu virus by 50%.


  • Improve Your Mood: Have you seen anybody remain angry while looking at a beautiful plant? Your guess is the same as ours. Houseplants are therapeutic and can liven up your foul mood. Houseplants do not only look good, they also make you feel good.